Saturday, March 7, 2020

Metal Roof Technology

Keep it 
                Cool And Colorful !


Side view -Front Elevation

Our last Design & Build project achieved many attentions from local authorities and visitors. Existing flat building former preliminary school has been converted into new building with a fresh new look. The Thai building located in Harlem & 79th Street Chicago received more space with new metal roof.    Since energy saving increasing more and more level of requirement to save energy, cool roofs are a near requirements on new commercial structures. New building codes that require reductions in energy consumption, but white roof doesn’t go with everything. Technology has advanced to the point where a variety of colors are now available, all meeting strict standards for cool roof reflectivity and emissivity.

With all the pigments and technologies that have emerged, some manufactures have been able to meet cool roof ratings with each of our colors.

The Thai Buddhist Temple Front Elevation

With roofing available in every color from dark bronze to bone white, hunter green to colonial red, companies like Midwest Manufacture support architectural creativity

We have many advancements on the horizon for cool roof products, such as improvement to solar reflectance and sell-cleaning technologies, which keep products looking clean, and durable colors. Wide availability of colors should make cool roof implementation easer for a building team, allowing for environmentally conscious design that do not compromise architectural creativity

Final Roof configuration Rear View

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